Most companies today are creating and developing apps that will make the processes in their day to day activities easier. By managing apps, there are business ways that can make things easier. The way these apps work are to increase the promotion probabilities of the apps themselves. The app store can be optimized strategically by doing the Google play app marketing approach. It allows app easier to set up, diversify the incomes, and even grow the name of the brand. But these app strategies won't be effective if it is not visible to users. How to do app store optimization which will help all developers or brand owners to introduce and promote the apps without the need to pay for ads to do it, are the goals of this article. You are going to learn today the basics and the core principles for making it happen.


Here are the following best ways to create a strong approach to google play app marketing or optimizing the app store itself.


Use high quality app icons. If you are a user, you will surely prefer to search and choose an icon that looks good and attractive. High quality app icons must be used in conjunction with how they should look and appear to users. Clean looking apps are what users preferred to use. Most users will only buy and use the app icons that are informative and memorable. Avoid using text as your app icon as a rule. Your app icon must be created with only creative type of designing. Get more facts about ASO at


To be honest, there is no popular game app that uses texts as its app icon. The goal is to make it clean and simple. If you are not sure on what will be the design of your app, you can conduct a research about all your competitors and what app icons they use. Your goal is to create an app icon that will stand out as the best and that is easy to spot even for newbie app users. If most of your competitors are using blue icons, going for the red color is a smart choice.


Title and descriptions must be optimized. You need to remember this one important concept, KISS (keep it short and simple). It must be short and to the point for the title of your app. And to make sure users can easily search for it, the keywords must be included in the title as much as possible. This will surely get the ranking results for your app higher. It should include a brief description about how it is significant to users. Promote your app by describing it the way you would want to use it.



These two ways are important in to create a strong marketing strategy for your apps and optimizing your app store. Check out this information on Google Play ASO